Rental City Tours

Do you have a shipping company or a travel agency?

Electric driving appeals positively to many people and companies with many domestic and foreign tourists always looking for something new.

Need a tourist trip, with its electric citymobile can let you enjoy a fantastic day. Treat your guests to an electric tour to the Biesbosch and visit the historic city centre of Dordrecht with its many canals and old Dutch mansions with our electric tourist tour bus.

During the tour, you will receive information about the various facets of the city of Dordrecht and its surroundings while enjoying the city’s impressive canals and buildings.

Possible routes through the historic city centre

It started in 1842 with one painting, donated by one private individual. In that year, the Dordrechts Museum was founded by art lovers and collectors. Since then, its internationally renowned and esteemed collection of paintings has grown to become one of the most important urban museums in the Netherlands. Discover six centuries of Dutch painting!

The Hof van Nederland organises activities for visitors of all ages. Discover the full range of guided tours, workshops, master classes and more!

The house was built in 1729 by order of Johan van Neurenberg, a wealthy regent. Simon van Gijn, businessman, lawyer and collector lived here from 1864 until his death in 1922. Besides interiors from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, the museum has a collection of arts and crafts, a toy collection and a large collection of history prints, the Atlas Van Gijn.

Dordrecht’s medieval Great Church is a building with a rich past, whose origins date back to the 11th century. Not only the imposing architecture of the church’s exterior, but also the monuments, chapels and choir stalls present in the building, make it the most important monument of Dordrecht. The Grote Kerk is also actively used by its congregation, which is of course why the church was built! You are cordially invited to attend one of our many activities.

It is a museum (former push boat), of association “de binnenvaart” with information on the history of inland navigation and changing exhibitions. The boat has a fully restored wheelhouse and an inland navigation simulator. The museum has been located in the Wantij at the former De Biesbosch shipyard since 2004. At this shipyard, the ship was launched in 1963.

With more than 390,000 objects, the National Museum of Education has the largest education collection in the world. Unique, just like Article 23 of our constitution on freedom of education that underlies the diversity in Dutch education. Visit the museum and experience the development of education (history) in the present, past and future through personal stories and current events. The Education Museum has a beautifully restored 1939 building De Holland in Dordrecht. De Holland is one of the characteristic buildings designed by the idiosyncratic architect Sybold van Ravesteyn (1889 – 1983). An extraordinary museum building near the railway station, the museum has over 2,500 m² of public and exhibition spaces, an atmospheric commissary room, a shop, a museum café with garden. Even without visiting the museum, you can enjoy delicious (regional) delicacies in museum café de Holland. You are most welcome!

In the harbour area of Dordrecht’s historic city centre and on the banks of the Oude Maas is the monumental Wolwevershaven 9 building. Hidden behind the facade, you will find a unique patrician house with many original style elements.

In this intimate house museum in Dordrecht, you will get an impression of how the wealthy bourgeoisie lived between 1780 and 1815. From cellar to attic, you will travel through time and discover special and, above all, original details, paintings and drawings. For years, the Rijksmonument was used as a residence, but the last residents have opened the authentic house and the special collection to the public.